Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unknown student, c.1867

This young woman was a student here, at the time the Brockport Collegiate Institute was becoming a state "Normal School," in the transition period of 1867. This much is known because her photo is featured along with those of several other students, circled around a center photo of Malcolm MacVicar, who was the head of the school at this time. The photos normally reside in a large wooden frame, hanging on a wall of the Alumni House over by Hartwell Hall. Recently however the archivist was given permission to bring the framed set of photos back to the library for scanning. When he took off the back of the frame he discovered that the individual pictures are glued to a larger sheet of stock and that unfortunately there are no names by them, making identification of the students virtually impossible, given that there was no yearbook at the time, no student newspaper, where one might find another picture of her with her name...

One of those little mysteries one encounters in archival work and using primary documents, where one wonders; who was she? Did she go on to teach school, perhaps marry? How did her life run after her schooling here...?

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