Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"How to store a grass skirt"

In order to keep up with things your archivist, like many people nowadays, subscribes to an email list relevant to his profession, in this case the email list for the Society of American Archivists. These sorts of lists can be great resources for asking questions, learning about how to manage items, use new tools etc. This week one of the questions raised was just too fun to not share: how should one store a grass skirt? The answer, in case anyone is interested, is as follows :-)

Store horizontally in a flat box, gently wrapped in acid-free tissue (lay tissue in the bottom overhanging the sides, then place the skirt in, and fold tissue over the top).  Try to ensure the box fits properly so the skirt isn't crushed, but also doesn't slide around inside the box when transporting or handling.  Use spacers or a custom box if necessary.  Environmentally, your general storage conditions should suffice - dark, cool, stable humidity 40%ish, etc.  I could look it up for you, but it doesn't matter unless you're providing a special storage area for this one item.  Keep in mind, a grass skirt makes great mouse nesting material...  ;-)

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