Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cherishing This Heritage

Cherishing This Heritage is the history of the college published in 1969 as part of the observation of our centennial anniversary of becoming a state school in 1867. Wayne Dedman, a history professor at the college,was given a year sabbatical to research and write the book. It is an excellent work of scholarship that relates the personalities of the people who made the school what it was, the culture of the school and its students, and something of the history of education and teacher training as well; what were those academies anyway, or what exactly was a "Normal" school? There is also some in depth treatment of the history of the village of Brockport.

There are several copies in our circulating collection: LD571.B782 D42. Check one out soon - something a little different to read at the beach this summer!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A great sports story!

The story of the 1955 Brockport soccer team that is. They were National Co-Champions along with Penn State that year. It's a great sports story of a truly amateur team from a small teachers college defeating all comers. You can read Daniel Cody's paper on the team in our Digital Commons. Shown here is a team photo from that year.