Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Gay Freedom League"

Your archivist was looking for an article in the 1975 Stylus for a patron, and happened to run across an article titled "Gay Freedom League: What it's about," from the March 6, 1975 Stylus. The article describes how that spring the Gay Freedom League had "...finally gotten it together." Apparently they had a weekly radio show on WBSU, and they were planning a dance for the following Saturday. The group was getting good attendance, averaging fifteen people per weekly meeting; the meetings were described as social, not political, "...a time for gays to get together with other gays." They also had an office, in Lathrop, open 2-4 Tuesday-Friday.

This is the earliest mention of such a group the archivist has seen. If any reader who participated in this group wished to share any memories of the time that would be wonderful, or if anyone thought they might like to try research LGBT history at Brockport, please contact Charlie Cowling, ccowling@brockport.edu.

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