Friday, September 3, 2010

"...our little untried craft, 'The Stylus..."

Although there was an earlier student publication, the "Normalia," today's Stylus dates back to 1914. In the early years it was not a newspaper, like today, but a magazine that came out several times a year. The first issue was that of May 1914.  The editors wrote that:

"We are starting our little untried craft, 'The Stylus,' upon its first voyage... (our) earnest endeavor is to launch it right... keeping it far from the rocks of failure."

They surely succeeded, for here we are, almost a century later, and the Stylus is still going strong! Pictured here are two of the 1914 staff, Dorothy Harsch and Louis Meinhardt.

That first issue, like subsequent ones through the 1920s, was a mix of news items, short fiction pieces, humor columns, sports news and so on. Among the news in that first issue was that the basketball team had enjoyed a winning year, there were several pages of foreign language submissions, in German and French, and one student wrote a brief history of the school. To further it's appeal, each June issue was longer and served as the school yearbook.

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