Thursday, September 23, 2010

Football at Brockport!

The history of football at Brockport goes back a long way. Pictured here is the team ca1900. (The gentleman in the second row, standing, with beard and wearing a bowler, is Charles MacLean, the head of the school, and avid football fan.) The local newspaper, the Brockport Republic, has a mention of football at the school as early as 1889. Within a few years the team was regularly playing other teams and enjoyed some successful seasons. In 1915 though the sport was dropped, in part because of a shortage of players, but also because this was a time of controversy for the sport which was under fire for the many injuries and even occasional fatalities that took place in that era.

After a period of some years football was revived at Brockport in 1947, under coach Bob Boozer, who was to become a legendary figure in campus athletics with his "Boozermen" football team.

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