Thursday, September 16, 2010

First African American graduate

The first African American to graduate from Brockport was a woman, Fannie Barrier, in 1870. She was a native of Brockport, growing up at 57 Erie Street. Her father was a barber and coal dealer, and her brother and sister also attended Brockport.

Fannie went on to have quite a significant public life. Starting as a teacher, she married, and as Fannie Barrier Williams become for many years a noted speaker and activist. She and her husband were also friends and supporters of Booker T. Washington.

In the late 1920s she retired, a widow, back home to Brockport and lived with her sister Ella at 163 Erie Street, where today a historical marker commemorates her life. You can learn more about her in this online entry from Notable American Women.

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