Monday, April 28, 2014

Women students ca 1900: anyone you recognize?

Here we have a random item from the photo collections of the archives. It is a group of women students sitting on the steps of the old Normal school building ca 1900. (That building complex, built of Medina sandstone, stood approximately where Hartwell Hall is today, and was replaced by Hartwell in the late 1930s.) We know it's about 1900, because there is a list of names on the back, indicating class years ranging from 1900 to 1903. The only problem is that the names are penciled in, very faint now to read, with no indication of which row is which etc. So we have:

Winifred Riley, Ina Shephard, Grace Davy, Rose Hincher, Lovina Maud Ackerson 1903, Elsie Jesson 1902, Mary _____, Grace Hardenbrook, Florence Bidwell 1900, Gertrude Whipple, Lena Pease 1900, Minnie Jordan, Sarah Pledger 1901, Blanche Hill 1900, Bertha Ames 1900, Bertha Brown 1900, Blanche Lee 1900.

There is no yearbook for those years to look them up in either. There was a one time yearbook for 1899, then it wasn't until the June 1914 Stylus that class photos and a yearbook of sorts was done again. The establishment of a yearbook as a separate, distinct publication did not take place until the Saga was launched in 1929. (The Saga is online now, 1899/1914-1951. More will be added as time permits.) Anyone able to identify any of these women and connect them with a name in the list is invited to comment here or contact the college archivist,

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  1. It might be 'Rose Adelaide Hincher' N. Greece

    P. 585