Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rak, kak, key, wack!

The "Class Yell" for the class of 1899:

"Rak, kak, key, wack,

Rim, ram, rine,

B.S.N.S. '99!"

It does have rather a ring to it, doesn't it? ;-) Their class motto might be a little more edifying: "Non sibi, sed aliis," or, "Not for ourselves, but for others." Pictured here is the cover of their 1899 class yearbook. It was a one time effort; in 1914 the Stylus started publication, and its June issue was for some years a commencement issue. Then the Saga yearbook began in 1929, and ran until 1996. You can find quite a bit of the college's history online by the way, at the College Archives site,  and in the new Digital Commons  where the college archives section is being built up, including this 1899 yearbook in digital form. Visit soon!

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