Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brockport honors its veterans

The college is planning to recognize the veterans among its number this November. Although the focus will naturally be on those who served in recent conflicts, students, staff, and alumni of Brockport have served since at least the Civil War. Brockport alumni and students served in the 140th NY Infantry for example, Co. A of which was recruited from the vicinity of the village of Brockport. The regiment played a pivotal role in the battle of Gettysburg, as pictured here. Theodore Whipple '59 was killed in that action.

The archives does has some information on those who served in earlier wars, but increasingly little with the Korean War and up to the present. If you know the names of any who served please let the college archivist know (ccowling@brockport.edu); he is trying to put together as comprehensive a list as possible of Brockport students, staff and alumni who served.

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