Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Registration, or, Crushed in the Gymnasium

If you went to school here in years past you'll remember those mob scenes in the gymnasium as people went to register for classes. For the student of today, who knows only the convenience of online registration, it went something like this.

Twice a year, fall and spring, you went to the gymn to register. There would be many tables set up for representatives of the different departments and for the registration staff. Along with what was typically quite a crowd of other students, you milled about, searching for the departments you wanted, waiting in lines to get the right cards, so you could then search for the proper line to the registration table where, hopefully, all your paperwork would match up and you could register. Then, a deep sigh of relief you walked out, knowing however that next semester you'd need to do it all over again. Gee, kids have it easy nowadays ;-)

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