Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heading west...

For over a century of the college's history the campus was the original 6 acre plot donated by village founder Hiel Brockway. Much of that time there was just the one academic building, Hartwell Hall being only the most recent in a line of such buildings. (One earlier building burned in the 1850s, the successor building was torn down to build Hartwell in the late 1930s.)

Ernest Hartwell wanted, in the late 1930s, when a new building was being planned (which later was named for him,) to not build it on the current spot but to move west, beyond Kenyon Street, where there was open land available. It was decided to build on the original plot however, and it fell to Hartwell's successors, like Donald Tower, to see the school move west and acquire land for new buildings and facilities.  Following is an aerial shot looking west from Hartwell in 1958.

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