Thursday, September 1, 2011

Freshman Year, 1942-1943

This blog mentioned earlier that we have a scrapbook that was made by Betty Evershed (Weidel) '46. Below is Betty along with the rest of "Section D" of the freshmen class that year. (She is in the second row, second from left.) It was a bigger class than the previous few years with more than one hundred students entering that fall. (Which seems very small by today's standards, with our freshman classes running 900 or so, but not nearly as many people went to college then, and schools like Brockport were much smaller than today.)  Some of the events they had to look forward to were Orientation Day, a Bonfire and Rally in the "Village Park,"  Juniors in Charge, an All-College Sing, and an All-College Mixer in the gym, Seniors in Charge.

 Sounds like fun doesn't it? :-)

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